Hi and welcome to my site. 


My main focus is on black and white

street photography.I stroll through cities

looking for unspoken relationships between

subjects/objects that only exist for parts

of seconds, putting myself in situations

where sceneries unfold in unplanned journeys. 

Combine this with using film and it always

creates a surpising experiment. More static

is the development of my color photographs.

With the help of a tripod, often a

few flashes and Photoshop, it's a slower,

more planned approach.





But in the end all these bla bla concepts

are not important. Discovering my own way by

using analog or digital,large format or pocket

camera, shot within 3 hours or from the hip

without looking. Pictures are left untouched

or composed of 30 single photographs

in photoshop. My only thing is that there has

to  be an emotional impact on me and hopefully

also for the viewers.  


Thanks to Madame Kat for lecturing help and

Oli for taking my portrait.


Enjoy and feel free to contact me !